KALO Outreach is about serving people through people in Jesus' name. There are many struggling with hardship, depression, homelessness and a lack of hope. KALO Outreach, in partnership with the Molina family, come alongside the community to bring hope to those in need.


Molina Family

Aloha! My name is Daniel, and my amazing wife Lucy and I have been married for 20 years and have 7 kids! We love Hawaii with all our heart. Like many of you, I had the privilege of partly growing up on these amazing islands, and after moving away to start a family and business, we were so thrilled to return with our family and settle down.

Lucy and I have done a lot over the last 20 years, but we’ve always held a deep conviction to intentionally prioritize our family’s spiritual health and well being above all else. While we know it's easy to idolize your own family unit, we firmly believe family should reflect the great love of our Heavenly Father. In fact, one of Jesus’ primary missions was to show us how to be a family. When family is lived out in a way that honors God’s design, it brings lasting, positive change to communities and nations.

We returned to Hawaii to help restore the family through kindness and love. Our mission is to listen, have compassion, and find ways to provide solutions to the needs of the local family unit. The aim is a restored family in Christ Jesus.


Harvest Taro

Jan 16th at 8am

Join us as we support Uncle Ricky in harvesting Taro, Saturday Jan 16th at 8am.

Womens Night


Topical discussion using Biblical principles on life. How to be a mom, wife, daughter and more. Moms, bring your kids for prayer, worship and teaching. Kid led event for ages 5 and over.

Mens/Young Men Mentoring


Join us for a Mens/Young Men mentor program, ever other week starting the first week in November.

Trash Cleanup


Monthly starting in Nov, 4th Saturday of every month, let’s come together and clean up the community is Jesus name.

Get Involved

Just us in changing lives with the gospel message. Ministry Partnerships, Volunteers and more are welcome.

Nourish Hawaii's ʻOhana

It's generous supporters like you that enable us to go and serve Hawaii in Jesus name. Your contribution today will reach families in need of hope, food and most importantly Jesus.

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